06 December 2012

I apologise...

...to all of you who comment kindly and helpfully to this blog. Do keep them coming in. I do read them all and appreciate them even if I don't always comment.

However, I have had to re-instate that pesky verification gizmo because I am increasingly receiving spam comments that don't end up in my spam box but end up clogging the genuine ones, especially on older posts. I do not like to ban all anonymous comments because there is often a genuine reason for the lack of identification. But I am so sick of clearing out all the rubbish every day. I have better things to do with my time.

If you have trouble reading those word verification thingies (I know I do) please get in touch with me. Best way is to tweet a DM to @SallyZig and - if I know who you are or you show yourself to be a genuine nice person -  I'll let you have my email address if you haven't got it already.

Thank you.


  1. No problem, Sally. I find that an increasing number of blogs I follow now bear word verification. If I like a blog enough to follow it regularly (as I do yours) then it's a small price to pay. And I seem to get them right most times now. Must have 'got my eye in'.

  2. I hate the verification thingy - but do take your point. I'm hanging on without at the moment, but you're not alone in reinstating it.

  3. Hi Sally - that's no problem at all. I use the verification code on my blog too for the same reason. If anyone can't make out the verification code, there's a little round thing there that you can click on. Then it refreshes and gives you another verification code that might be more identifiable.