31 December 2012

It's only a number

Tomorrow is always another day but when that tomorrow is the first day of the first month of a new year, it assumes a huge significance out of all proportion with reality.

Human beings need patterns in their life. It's how our brains function. We have a universal need - whether we belong to an Amazonian tribe, a Beijing suburb, a village in the Pyrenees, wherever - to make sense of the unknown. And so we attach huge significance to cycles whether they be ruled by the sun, the moon, the cosmos, gods or dragons. We create patterns from our own particular myths and beliefs. We pore over our horoscopes and dream that that 'windfall' promised for August will be a double lottery rollover but are still satisfied if it's a lost pound coin nestling in the crumbs in the sofa cushions. Such patterns mark our lives on earth and place them precisely - or so we hope - within the unfathomability of infinity.

All this waffle is my excuse not to indulge in resolutions or predictions for the blank page of 2013. I have expectations but nothing is ever certain. So looking on the positive side, It is likely I will be a grandmother on or about 13th July 2013 and probable I might secure a publishing deal for my second novel.

But life has taught me that events rarely turn out to be how we imagine them. And I'm too - not superstitious exactly - wary of counting any chickens. I always travel in hope rather than expectation.

May all your hopes and dreams be fulfilled this year and disappointments be few and far between. Happy New Year!


  1. Sounds like 2013 is shaping up to be a great year for you, Sally! All the best.

  2. Happy New Year, Sally and many congratulations on impending grannydom - from experience, it is to be lauded as a rather good thing! Look forward to the next novel, too - here's to a good year in all ways. x

  3. It's great you may get your second book published this year. I just finished the first draft of my own second book (a sequel.) Best of luck!

  4. Sorry! I meant June. Mum always knows best.