10 December 2012

Random Musings

As nature slows down and awaits the spring, the sun is absent for a ridiculous length of time, the only thing in panic overdrive this time of year is rampant consumerism. It makes us all feel we have to indulge in a lunatic cooking, shopping, decorating, entertaining, planning entertainment festival and tearing our hair out to grab that 'must have' outfit to sparkle and shine.

Well, not me. Call me Scrooge. I don't care. There's nothing wrong with the spirit of Christmas and I enjoy a party as much as anyone. But when did one event, real or fictional depending on your point of view, turn us all into mindless lunatics? Have a drink with friends and a special meal with your family but let's keep it in proportion.

It's also that time of year when everything goes quiet. My manuscript awaits the final verdict from my agent and the New Year when real life get going again. Now should be the time for me to press on with the first draft of my next masterpiece or I could start writing my list of New Year Resolutions for 2013...

...only I don't believe in those either. Because, just like the presents you rushed out an bought before Christmas, they'll all be broken by January 2nd. Guaranteed.


  1. Like you, I don't do resolutions, nor go mad with the greed and presents thing. On the other hand, should anyone mentions a party, then I'm happy to bring a bottle and do a little bopping to the Rolling Stones ...

  2. Easy does it, that's my motto too! I'm hoping just for a special time with my partner and pets on Christmas day (dogs in house with us, horses and hens, probably not).
    Minimal shopping and decorating - zero pannicking - and I can't think of a single frock that I must have :-)
    Enjoy your Christmas, when the time comes

  3. If your resolutions are all broken by January 2nd then you didn't make the right resolutions. Make them SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed, and maybe that'll help. Works for me!