17 January 2013

Don't Panic!

There is another road into our village - at the moment. But there's more snow on the way.


  1. So someone comes and puts the red sign up whenever it snows? How do they get up the road if it's closed by snow?!

  2. ATV - all terrain vehicle. (quad bike in other words,) The farmers couldn't manage without them - or tractors - in the winter. The road is mainly a long straight up and down over a moor for several miles from Hutton le Hole and then, just after that sign, it drops sharply down a steep hair-pinned gradient which is difficult at the best of times and many stupid drivers come to grief. I was hoping they'd bring the Yorkshire stage of the 2014 Tour de France up or down it but unfortunately The North York Moors are missing out - once again to the Yorkshire Dales.

    1. Ah ha! So is a local farmer responsible for putting the red sign up?

  3. I have this vision of you and yours with a great cellar full of tins, bottled fruit to ward off scurvy, dried goods in metal containers, piles of blankets, hot water bottles and a shed full of wood for the stove. Hope you are keeping warm!

  4. I know the road so well. Like Vanessa said, hope you are well stocked up for such weather. I feel for those in Whitby with the landslides. I just hope St Mary doesn't suffer any more problems.
    I look forward to your next posting.