02 March 2013


While waiting for spring to arrive - hurry up! - and in the misty limbo that is waiting to hear from publishers, I've been keeping myself busy writing my next manuscript. (Word count is now 22,000 for those who care about these things - see my recent post.) I'm also following an on-line flash fiction editing course, writing flash fiction and also messing about with some unpublished short stories that I may or may not enter into competitions this year.

But, of course, I can't forget The Lark Ascending and its characters. After all, I've spent so much time living with them so I can't abandon them. I love them too much, However, I can't edit or tweak it at the moment.   I don't even lovingly gaze on its file: because, as I said, it's lurking hopefully  in Limbo-Land.

Then, I discovered Pinterest. I'm not sure what the point or worth of it is but it takes me back to the days when I compiled loads of scrap-books on different themes. And now, magically and digitally, I've been able  to recreate the world of The Lark Ascending  It's huge fun- without the sharp scissors and sticky, smelly glue. I'm still adding bits and bobs when I remember more scenes and events. I am very much dithering on the nursery slopes so please bear with me.

So, without further ado, may I invite you to click here to take a look at the images I've assembled so far for The Lark Ascending. There will be more.

I shall be starting one soon for my novel in progress. It's addictive.


  1. How interesting that you assemble images of your book too, it is something I do but before setting pen to keyboard. However, Pinterest is not something I have used till now so perhaps may give it a go. At the moment I just download images to my hard drive so don't benefit from the mood board effect you can achieve with Pinterest.

    Another point of difference is that I tend to stick to graphic, i.e. painterly or illustrative, rather than photographic or realistic images as I like to feed off the imagination of others to create people and places.

    Bon chance with your latest m/s

    1. I'm very much a beginner, Dot. And I only began assembling the images this week, well after I finished my manuscript. I didn't look at any pictures - apart from in the books and newspapers I consulted - before I wrote it so it was all in my head then!

  2. Hi Sally,
    Like you, I can't wait for Spring as I want to plant my potatoes and onions, but I can't wait any longer and hope to do it tomorrow.

    I love the idea of the pinboard, but I wouldn't want to spent my time hunting out pictures when I could be writing. I tend to check things out when I get to the point I need to verify a point or fact as I'm writing a timeslip novel which travels between 1900 & 2045.

    Wow, you have been busy with your new novel the word count is growing now.

    All the best for now,

  3. This comment is for Joanna Campbell. Gulp! Thanks to my utter ham-fisted-ness I clicked 'delete' on your recent and lovely comment on this post instead of 'publish' and now I can't retrieve it. Many apologies. Is it possible for you to post it again?

  4. No problem, Sally! I really loved your board - you have some beautiful images there - and would love to do the same thing for my novel. Mine is doing the rounds of agents currently, but is never far from my mind. I thought the board could be a useful aid to publicity, as well as something lovely to do for pure enjoyment. x

  5. After looking at those images, I can't wait to read The Lark Ascending when it's published, Sally! It's set in one of my favourite eras.