11 December 2013

Since I came out of hospital...

... and began to re-engage with the real world, I've discovered exactly what matters to me. Of course, most of them were pretty obvious before but it took another brush with ill-health to focus on what and whom means the most to me.

Top of the list is Jon, my lovely husband, who has stuck by me for 37 years. He has been steadfast in his love and loyalty even though he has serious health problems of his own. It's high time I appreciated that and not took it for granted.

Next comes my two handsome sons, Andrew and Robin who mean the world to me. I am so proud of both of them. I am also grateful to Robin for bringing Clare into his life and ours. She is the perfect daughter in law, both pretty and clever, with her head screwed on firmly and a great sense of fun. And of course, without Clare, there would be no adorable Isaac, our adorable grandson.

So much to be grateful for. I have a wonderful Mum (99 and going on strong!) I love her to bits even though I don't see her as often as I would like, now I no longer drive.

Which brings me to friends. You know who you are. Many of you are friends I met over the internet and some of you may not yet have heard my recent health problems. But those who have, worried when they did not hear from me - yes, R J Frith, Nicola Slade and Linda Gruchy, I mean you! I've had flowers from the lovely Jo Derrick and good wishes from my favourite 'girls' in Rosedale:  Linda Dagg and Kate Jones, nor to mention my lovely neighbour, Gill Brewer who have all been popping round to check on my progress - even with soup. Thanks Kate!

I'd better close now before I wallow in sentimentality. And for those who still remain interested in the progress of my last manuscript, provisionally called 'The Rosedale Miracle', the good news is that I am now back on track with the revisions. I should get it to my agent before the end of January, all being well.

Thank you all. Best wishes for Christmas and here's to 2014.


  1. Enjoy a peaceful Christmas, Sally, and good luck with the revisions too. Wishing you a peaceful and healthy New Year.

  2. And wishing you a healthful and happy time over the holidays.

  3. Glad to hear you are on the mend, Sally.

  4. I so glad to hear you're recovering well... well enough to continue with those revisions. I do admire you, Sally. Don't overdo it, though! I so pleased your family and friends are rallying round and doing all that is necessary and more. I wish I lived nearer! xxx