16 May 2014

I'm still reading (and buying books) as if it's going out of fashion.

Now everything is improving on the personal front  - apart from the very slow response to my plans to set up a fiction writing group here in my beloved Rosedale. (Click here.) so I thought I'd  tell you, not of me and my life but the varied collection of stunning new books, both digital or real books, I've just bought. I am still a bookaholic and really do prefer buying 'real' books but a Kindle is essential when books threaten to take over your home which they are threatening to do at the moment.

I haven't read them yet  (I have a habit of acquiring more books than I have time to read so I can't yet write reviews but mrely give an indication of where my eclectic tastes lie. They range between biographies of women who were achievers and those who were prevented by husbands or parents or their personal circumstances. Then there's history, landscape and of course certain fiction authors. Also my long-term plan to keep bees is growing is taking shape. Lots to think about, learn and plan.

So, here are some of the books that have thudded (sturdily wrapped, I hasten to add) through my letterbox lately. I know Amazon gets a lot of stick but to me there is a clear distinction  between tax evasion (which is a crime) and tax avoidance (which is perfectly legitimate although the law applied can be altered at any time by governments should they wish to.) I mean, any company would be considered mad if they paid taxes just for the fun of it. However, I would like to hear that Jeff Bezos iss a philanthropist like Bill Gates. I'm not a fan of greed. But I continue to use Amazon because I live in the middle of nowhere  and although many of you would say it's because that it is exactly because of the existence of Amazon that there are no decent dedicated bookshop for miles. But "since when was life supposed to be fair?" as my grandmother used to say.

Anyway, here are my newly-acquired books. I'v not added links but the authors and titles are clear so so can check yourself. Enjoy!

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And finally, I've pre-ordered Sarah Water's new novel for later this year. I can't wait!

PS. i am also continuing with my WIP. I do not understand by some writers steer clear of reading because they worry thay might pick up another writer's style and content. Rubbish. If you're like me and don't stick to one writer or one subject-matter to the exclusion of all else, it's impossible. Ideas, yes...but as we all know, there is no copyright on ideas.


  1. A headline to catch my attention - my Goodreads TBR list has, thankfully, been pushed over fifty again - I was beginning to panic at forty-five. Certainly I find reading helps kick-start my writing, sometimes by waking the right voice within me, but I don't consider that 'picking up' other's voices.
    Couldn't access the Rosedale link,

  2. Thank you, Sanrda. I'm glad I'm not alone that I also find it inspires my own writing without affecting my style. By the way, I have fixed the link to my previous post. It should work now! Shout again if it doesn't.