27 May 2014

Trying again to drum up some interest in a writing group for Rosedale.

I never give up. So I'm trying again. This is revised re-posting of a previous appeal because, since I first asked whether a group of like-minded writers could get together every so often in Rosedale Abbey, in the North York Moors, at the newly re-opened Milburn Arms right in the centre of the village, I've had no response.  I'm now expanded my appeal to non-fiction writers and poets. Surely I'm not the only writer hereabouts?

When my husband and I  moved into the village six years ago, I was excited at the idea of living next door to it, but unfortunately, this once celebrated lovely hotel/pub two months later for various reasons and then  remained closed until last month. In the meantime, it slowly deteriorated which all the locals found heart-breaking. Since it re-opened last month, the  village had a total renaissance (although we still boast two other good inns (including  the award-winning White Horse Farm Inn.) But the walk to it from our front door for a 'swift half' involves the lower slopes of Rosedale Abbey's (in)famous Chimney Bank which the 2014 Tour de France's visit to Yorkshire  bottled out of! And unlike my husband, I am not a runner, walker or like anything physically taxing!

Back to my plans. if you squint at the map above or have good eyesight you will spot that Rosedale Abbey is slap bang in the centre of the North York Moors National Park. Teesside is shown to the north and York (not shown) is to the south. Whitby and Scarborough are only short drives away. The area is sparsely populated and public transport does not exist nor is there mobile phone coverage and although there are many published writers who live close *waves to Choc-Lit novelist, Jane Lovering whom I haven't yet been fortunate to meet.*

I am thinking of setting up a fiction writer's group.  I envisage very relaxed and regular get-togethers in The Milburn Arms which will be more chat, support, advice and encouragement than anything else. It's very early days and it's very fluid. But... if you write or want to, of whatever kind, please tweet me at @SallyZig

If you're local and want to find out more, but don't tweet, please add a comment here. I am open to any suggestions, although I myself now do not write non-fiction, journalism or even poetry although I once won a poetry prize but that was a fluke, ever repeated.. Whatever you write or want to write, please come on in! 

I don't bite.


  1. Tempting, but as I am in Teesside and less than enamoured of driving these days I'm not a lot of good to you ... wish you luck though.

  2. I'm a non driver, so no chance of getting out there. Never learned to drive, but would be now be offically banned, being registered partially sighted as of last year. Also, I'm non-fic and have (according to the HWA) done nothing substantive - just a lot of mainly archaeology journal articles and grey literature. Sighs heavily and goes back to researching Klonne gas-holders ...